About Sold Out

Sold Out is a leading independent publisher with sales and marketing expertise. Keen to work with emerging Indie talent, Sold Out currently has partnerships with Team17, Rebellion and Frontier, and works extensively with a network of distribution and sales partners around the world to bring games to a global market.

What do Sold Out do?

We’ll deal with anything that takes your time away from making the best games, like QA, Localisation, Age Ratings, Distribution, PR and Marketing.

We have a strong sales force and can handle your presentations, forecasting, reporting and royalty statements as well as sell your game around the world.

It’s a key ingredient in the mix and we have the marketing knowledge, experience and contacts to get your game the attention it deserves.

We publish on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to how we work and we want to work directly with you to achieve success.

We have an established network of partners all over the world to get your game distributed across 72 countries.

We work closely with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and we’re good friends with Steam too as well as other digital platforms.

We’ll get your game noticed and in front of the key media and influencers that matter as well as showcasing it at some of the world’s biggest expos.

Every game we publish benefits from our expertise for years after the initial launch.